What is Let’s Louboutin?

Welcome to Let’s Louboutin, we are so happy you are here ツ

This post is to give you all a little background on how we got started with blogging and more specifically, Let’s Louboutin! We decided to start Let’s Louboutin back in May of 2017!  We were in Vegas together about to head to brunch in some new outfits we had just bought for our trip. Ofcourse, like every other fashion obsessed woman on this planet, we wanted a pic for the gram ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. So we found some good lighting, a blank white wall, and made our boys start snapping pics (because you can't have just one photo....options are key). Midway through our mini 'photoshoot', a woman complimented our outfits and asked us where we bought them from.  She also said that we should be on liketoknow.it. Our initial thought.... 'That's so sweet, thank you!' (OK...What in the world is LTKit?!) We didn't know much about liketoknow.it, but we did follow a few bloggers on Instagram and saw that they utilized it. For those that aren't familiar with it, in a nutshell its an app where people can link what they're wearing so you can online shop their outfits. It's an incredible app and makes online shopping a BREEZE. Anyways, we started doing our research on LTKit, blogging, bloggers, and everything in between. As cheesy as it sounds, we fell in love with the fashion blogging world and decided to launch Let’s Louboutin!!

Let’s Louboutin was created for us to share with you the things we are passionate about... fashion being our main focus. We strive to post reasonable fashion ideas with a little bit of flair!  Of course we love a good splurge bag, but we try to keep all of our outfits pretty reasonable in price. We also plan on sharing any beauty tips that we may have along the way too, because nobody has the time (or money) to try Sephora's 1000s of different foundation brands. 

We are so excited to share all of the fun ideas that we have been working on with you!  We truly hope that you enjoy Let’s Louboutin. Remember if the shoe fits…buy it!!

Love always,

Court & Dani ♡

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